Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Going Public

Okay, action time! I decided to post my blog url on Facebook today. I need somewhere to go and post all the cool things and experiences I come across and a blog is the perfect fit.

Forgive my spelling, grammar and punctuation errors as you will probably find many. Hey, I am not an English buff okay, plus when you are trying to type down your whole life while your newborn sleeps (crossing fingers) and your toddler watches anything you can find on t.v. (yes I am a bad mom, after all who doesn't want some peace and quiet lol) then spelling and grammar are the last thing on my mind. For those parents out there with grey hairs you know what I am talking about.

I plan to add lots of things on my blog, but right now I am focusing on recipes. I am trying to stick to a low carb diet with no grains, flour, pasta's potatoes....you know all the good things. I am surprised I have found some very tasty things though and it is working. Sometime with in the next year I will hopefully post my before and after pictures, but I am not brave enough to post my before picture until I have an after if you know what I mean. My goal is to lose 70 lbs within the next year. It is definitely doable.

I have been walking at least one mile a day. Here is one of the hills I go up. Yeah, think it doesn't look bad? Try it with a double stroller and a toddler in it.

Here is a view of the hill we went down to get to the park.  Going down is much easier than up :)

I will be working my way into the gym and getting my butt onto that elliptical and strength training machine when I get back home.

So our daily walk drifted us in the direction of the neighborhood playground...funny how that works when you have kids.  Just kidding.  We knew we were going to the park and Mackenzie had tons of fun.

Well here you have it ladies and gentlemen, my current goals with my weight loss.  I hope to add lots of goodies in this blog.  For now, I better go write my turkey taco salad recipe NOM NOM!

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